3 must-have accessories for summer festivals


Summer is here and with it comes the festival period everyone awaited for. Festivals have lately become a mecca for good music, great clothing and accessory self expression and prolific amounts of fun.

Instead of using large amounts of time deciding on what you should be wearing we will tell you which three accessories will uplift your style and make your outfit one of a kind.

1. Friendship bracelets

This affordable wrist candy represents a statement accesory but can as well have a double meaning for those wearing it depending on the message it bears.



2. The IT bag

Make sure you pick a bag that is festival ‘friendly’ and which will match your fun-dancing-party mood.
The Kelim bags are perfect as they are one of a kind and will instantly uplift your outfit (dare a little and go for a metallic color). Fringe shoulder bags  and message totes make for great accessories.


3. The flower crown

Floral motifs have always been a festival inspiration go-to place. The natural look and freshness of flowers transposed into beautiful floral hairpieces makes the flower crown a must-have accessory.

HOT TIP: For an unconventional style inspiration use fresh flowers for your crown as show in the clip below.

xoxo //

Cala & Jade

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